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Muffin / Fruit Basket

 We now offer a Homemade Muffin and Fresh Seasonal Fruit Basket with Florida Orange Juice. The muffins are made with organic ingrediants. The basket serves two people. We always have complimentary coffee, tea and hot chocolate in all the rooms. Available for a nominal fee, please order ahead.

Good News

 We received a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. The most powerful endorsement is the endorsement of our guests. We want to thank our 2011 winter guests for giving us a 4.5 rating on Trip Advisor. We are looking forward to an even more successful summer. Thanks form the bottom of our hearts. Bill & Geri

Green Clean

2012 We provide Housekeeping Services with the oversight of a Green Clean Technician. We use cleaning products considered green compliant which means they are free from harmful chemicals and fumes. We have your health and the environment in mind.

Fishing Reports

Our Fishing reports should always be changing - Click here for recent reports


 You can do a self directed photo adventure, or with some our local guides by boat or local trails. Bugs have not been bad this year and Winter weather is usually great for birds and gator viewing. Weather conditions are improving for trail hiking. lots of wildlife viewing is accessible from a roadside pull off like H.P. Williams Wayside, Janes Scenic Drive and Loop Road. We have seen some awesome birds just north of us on route 29 where there is plenty of safe off road parking for gator viewing,canal fishing or watching the birds.

Things To Do!

We are located in the Everglades and are minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico. Ask about our holiday packages. Boat rental is available for long and short term. The Florida Keys is just south of us and can be reached by boat, airplane or automobile. We can arrange your Florida fishing charters for big or small groups. Everglades National Park is just a few minutes away.

Tides and Chokoloskee

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Tides are caused by the gravitational forces of the moon and sun. The moon has one and one-half times the gravitational force of the sun because it is closer to the earth. Consequently, the moon is the governing force involving tides. The reason our tides come later each day is because the moon requires 24 hours and 50 minutes to travel around the Earth. While doing so, it moves in an elliptical path and this accounts for the varying currents we have each month.

When the moon is in apogee, the currents are weak, but when it swings to perigee, the currents are stronger. When the moon and the sun are in line with each other, this is when the moon is in its FULL or NEW phase. This is when we have spring tides-higher highs and lower-low tides with stronger currents. If the moon is in perigee during this time, the currents will be much stronger. If in apogee, the currents will be weaker.

During the neap tide periods, when the sun and moon are in right angles to each other (this occurs around the first and last quarter of the moon phase) we get the lower-highs and higher-low tides, along with weaker currents. If the moon is in perigee at this time, the currents will be stronger and weaker if in apogee.

To sum up, the tides and how the moon and sun affect them are very important factors in fishing the Everglades!